Wondering how you can take action? In addition to the commitments outlined in the pledge, we suggest you do the following 

Invest in Black Tech 

Donate to  Pipeline organizations like Black Girls Code, SMASH Academy, CODE 2040, Black & Brown Founders, digitalundivided, Hidden Genius Project, and dev/Color

For signatories who are investor

  • Commit to proportional representation in your investment portfolio 

  • Developing programs which encourage you founder’s to care about diversity and community investment from the start, like Kapor Capital’s Founder Commitment

For founders and organizational leaders

  • Create a volunteer community based program which focuses on serving the Black community

  • Set a target for hiring formerly incarcerated individuals across your organization for 2021 and make hiring managers and recruiters accountable for meeting it 

  • Set a hiring target for Black employees across your organization for 2021 and make hiring managers and recruiters accountable for meeting it

  • Set a hiring target for Black people on your executive leadership team and publicly commit to it 

  • Set a goal for Black suppliers which contract with your organization in 2020 and make leaders accountable for meeting it 

  • Reward diversity work in performance evaluations

  • Reward managers who build diverse teams and have successful outcomes among a diverse group of reports. Hold managers accountable who cannot do this 

  • Establish third party anonymous reporting  mechanism for racist behavior 

  • Increase the budget for your DEI programs. Separate the DEI function from HR.  

For Individuals 

  • Sponsor black people in your organization, paying careful attention to those with intersectional identities like black women, non-binary, queer, and/ or disabled employees

  • Acknowledge the culture and diversity work of Black employees in their performance reviews and other spaces for evaluation 

  • Push for increased diversity on hiring panels, and where you can, hire more black employees. 

  • Practice bystander intervention 

  • Create spaces for the Black people on your team to safely discuss trauma and give them space for self care 

Support Accountability and Justice Organizations in Your Community, including 

Invest in Transformational Change

Donate to the BlackTech for Black Lives Impact Fund, a partnership with Just Cities which will provide:

  • Electoral support for local candidates prioritizing community investment over status quo policing

  • Protection for  housing rights and needs for formerly incarcerated people and their families

  • Tech support for Voter Registration & Get out the Vote efforts in November led by formerly incarcerated leaders